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The recent new changes of reforming Math offered at Junior College from 2 to 3, namely H1, H2 and Further Maths , with only students with a high level of mathematical capability were recommended to take up Further Maths. Previously, most average students used to take up Maths C. H2 is one of the new levels offered in Junior College, which is a combination of the earlier Maths C and one quarter of Further Maths.

More difficult topics such as Calculus, Sequences and Series from Further Maths require in-depth understanding and guidance.

Advanced topics like Complex Numbers and Vectors are taught in JC2, hence it is essential that students have a good understanding of what is being taught in year one.

Failure in doing so may cause a lot of problems in JC2 and can lead to students failing in their exams.

By signing your teen up early for JC Math Classes, you can prevent the backlog from not understanding J1 topics from spilling over into J2. However, if your teen has already fallen behind – fret not, our study plans are customizable and adaptable according to their individual needs. We can pull their grades up in a reasonable amount of time. So sign up today, before it’s too late!


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    The Achiever Mathematics Programme promotes a systematic, progressive and accumulative way of learning, allowing any student to improve and eventually excel in Mathematics. This is achieved through periodic guided exercises, mock examinations, and 1 to 1 consultation. Our students go through curriculum tailored to specific needs (i.e. Foundational, Intermediate, High Achiever level).


    I was very weak at Math before I joined Mr Alex’s class. I scored a consistent U grade in my common tests and Mid-Years leading up to my promotional exams. However, after I joined Mr Alex’s Math Class, I have improved tremendously due to his patience in helping me to understand concepts and answering my questions. I am glad that I made the choice to join this class.

    Felicia, J1, MJC, 2017

    After attending Alex’s H2 Math lessons, my grades improved significantly and I manage to attain an A grade for my promotional exam. Alex is a dedicated and encouraging teacher who is patient in addressing students’ doubts. I would definitely recommend Alex to those who wish to improve their math grades!

    Vanessa Cheng, J1, TPJC, 2017

    Upon attending Mr Alex Yeo’s math tuition with a initial U grade , i have realised my capabilities in achieving higher scores under the guidence of Mr Alex Yeo. i cannot believe how much i have improved in 6 months. Mr Alex Yeo is a very detailed teacher that gives students the opportunity to thrive and excel beyond their expectations, and i feel very fortunate and greatful in having him as my teacher. Mr Alex Yeo is a good find and i really wish i could have him as my college teacher!

    En Tong, J1, TPJC, 2017

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