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Secondary School A-Math and E-Math Tuition

Paced Learning Academy’s Math Tuition is designed for students who are weak in math and do not have a strong foundation in math. There are a lot of math classes that do not adequately explain the basics. This causes students to be confused by the syllabus.

In Paced’s tuition, students will get a full grasp of the topics and enough practice to tackle questions in exams confidently. It’s not too late to turn Bs & Cs into As. Learn the step-by-step methods that will get you to score well for finals!

Who is it for?

This tuition is designed for secondary 1-5 who are currently new to O-level & N-level Math and want to do better. if you are just on track with lessons in school or are starting to fall behind, it is a good time to use this tuition to ensure that you don’t continue to feel lost in school math lessons.

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In the last year,

we had 80 graduates. They left at least 2 grades higher (from borderline to a B, from C to A, from A to A*).

More importantly, we felt that we were able to help improve parent-child relationships; Students like that as they improve, they find themselves becoming more confident with new topics and becoming more independent learners. Their parents are also very proud of their child for trying so hard and having high goals.

Signing up for tuition

is a small arrangement and small commitment that students and parents make to drastically improve their lives.

Make studying easier.

Make learning new topics and revising old ones easier.

Tackle weak areas in a timely manner so that the next topic won’t build on weak foundations.

Our Promise to You

10 out of 10 students scored A/B for Math
8 out of 10 students scored A for  Math

9 out of 10 students scored A/B for Math
7 out of 10 students scored A for Math

You can be one of them. Let statistics do the talking.


I was very weak at Math before I joined Mr Alex’s class. I scored a consistent U grade in my common tests and Mid-Years leading up to my promotional exams. However, after I joined Mr Alex’s Math Class, I have improved tremendously due to his patience in helping me to understand concepts and answering my questions. I am glad that I made the choice to join this class.

Felicia, Student, 2017

After attending Alex’s Math lessons, my grades improved significantly and I manage to attain an A grade for my promotional exam. Alex is a dedicated and encouraging teacher who is patient in addressing students’ doubts. I would definitely recommend Alex to those who wish to improve their math grades!

Vanessa Cheng (Student)

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