Is the phonics program suitable for children with learning differences or special needs?

Yes, our phonics program is designed to be inclusive and accommodating to children with learning differences or special needs. Our experienced teachers are trained to provide differentiated instruction and support to cater to individual learning styles and needs. If your child has specific learning differences or special needs, we encourage you to discuss them with [...]

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Is it beneficial for my child to enroll in the phonics program even if they are already reading at or above their grade level?

Yes, our program can still be beneficial for children who are already reading at their grade level. Phonics instruction can reinforce and strengthen their reading skills, improve their decoding and fluency abilities, and enhance their comprehension and writing skills. In addition, our program offers more advanced levels for older children to further expand their [...]

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How do you assess my child’s progress in the program?

We use various methods such as informal observations, formative assessments, and periodic evaluations to assess your child's progress. These assessments measure your child's letter recognition, sound blending, reading accuracy, and comprehension skills. Regular feedback and progress reports will also be provided by our teachers to keep you informed about your child's achievements and areas [...]

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What is phonics, and why is it important for my child’s literacy development?

Phonics is a method of teaching reading that focuses on the relationship between letters and their corresponding sounds. It is important for your child's literacy development because it helps them understand how letters and sounds work together, allowing them to decode words and read independently. Phonics is a crucial foundation for reading fluency, comprehension, [...]

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