Holiday is a time to unwind and break off from the busy routine of school. It is also a time to discover passion and hone new skills. Take a look at our 2018 programme line up.


This Doodling Workshop is a 3 days holiday workshop for students aged 5 – 8 Yrs old to acquire the fundamental of doodling. They will be taught step by step doodling techniques, with a focus on creativity by encouraging them to add in their personal touch.  Doodling is thought to stimulate areas of the brain which normally remain dormant, helping our child to analyze information differently. It is considered a visual language which spark ideas and improve communication.

Student will learn the techniques of doodling and reap the benefits that comes with it in just 3 days!

Students who have participated and completed this programme developed

  1. Improved memories recollection
  2. Improved creativity
  3. Improved focus
  4. Stress relief

Adventure to Planet Z

Adventure to planet Z is a workshop designed for student aged 5 – 10 yrs old to cultivate a mad love for science. Student will be expose to advanced science concepts (Physics and Chemistry) through various experiments in this 4 sessions workshop. They will be joining the team of fighter to Planet Z, building their very own rocket, lava lamp, boat and fighting aliens. The workshop aims to introduce advanced science concepts by bringing students through a fun filled adventure.

Student will learn to understand the world around them by building a different object every session to assist them in their adventure to Planet Z.


  • Practical experiments to allow deeper understanding
  • Enhance learning experience and cultivate love for Science by drifting away from traditional teaching methods
  • Advanced Preparation for Primary Science

*Parent participation is highly recommended

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