With the announcement of examinations results, there’s much turmoil in a student’s life. The post-exam merry turns into many stressful days and nights (for the parents as well) caring for admissions to a top-notch school. But this post-result lowness takes much graver tones when one looks at the increasing number of diagnosis for adolescent/ youth mental health issues. According to few mental health organizations, there is up to 50 per cent increase in usage of some of help services among students.

If you are one of those seeking help and wanting to deal with post-result stress, you need to keep the following things in mind:

Focus on the next priority

Look at your life five years down the lane. If your current grades are low, it’s much small cause of worry because you have the time to get a better score. Resist the temptation to focus on the current grades but analyze on where you went wrong. Do not blame on yourself, as they are insignificant if you are determine to improve.

However, if your major academic examination marks (PSLE/ O level/ A level) are unsatisfactory, come up with a plan on how to improve your current predicament. Seek advice early, and be better prepared for the next endeavors.

Give yourself time to recover

Research has shown that human being is able to acclimatize to different situation. (Remember the last time you stop enjoying your favourite ice-cream?) Give yourself time to clear your thoughts and be willing to new changes. In the meantime, consider practicing the following self-care actions:

(i) Read a book

(ii) Reconnect with someone you adore

(iii) Journal or write about your feelings

(iv) Do something that physically makes you feel good

(v) Get creative. Paint, draw, use your talent

(vi) Drink your water

(vii) Get outside. Soak in sun, rain and wind (but don’t fall sick)

(viii) Pet or cuddle a furry thing

Identify signs of depressions

Be mindful of your behaviours. Seek help immediately from an expert if you suspect you are having early onset of depression.

In conclusion, help is available at all stages of your academic life. Contact us if you need advice on your action plans. We strongly believe that every student can succeed and we are proud to have our teaching methodology to be recognized and funded by Lifelong Learning Council in 2018, to prepare you for your next academic phase. Our curriculum, SCORE HAPPILY, is based on a unique teaching and learning model that builds your academic proficiency again and self- confidence – by equipping you with the right concepts, skills, and coping strategies.