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Aid for the Struggling Reader

No parent wants their child to struggle with reading.

If your child has difficulty recognizing letters of the alphabet, they’re going to struggle with reading.

In order to read effectively, young readers need to be able to:

  • Know the names and sounds of letters
  • Break words down into individual sounds
  • Run sounds together in order to make words
  • Pronounce new words and remember these pronunciations

If you notice any issues your child has with the reading skills above, it’s important that your child is given effective reading help to put them on the right track. Experts believe early detection of reading struggles is key to turning them around.

Occasionally a child just needs more time, but it is often the case that the longer a child struggles with reading, the more difficult it is to address the problem and rectify it.

These can be addressed using Little Pace Phonics Programme’s structured 7-step plan:

1. Assessment

  • Conducted by our teachers to determine your child’s reading capability

2. Foundation Phonics: Recognition

  • Learning A-Z, and their phonetic sounds.
  • Basic writing motor skills with proper stroke order of the 26 letters

3. Intermediate Phonics: Literacy

  • Leaning simple words, spelling, and pronunciation

4. Understanding Blending Concepts

  • Using consonants and vowels to form words

5. Utilizing Blending Concepts

  • Breaking down long words by parts

6. Advanced Phonics Proficiency

  • Learning to use prefixes & suffixes
  • Picking up dictionary skills
  • Being able to read and comprehend articles & passages
  • Writing proper text sentences

7. P1 Preparation Course

  • Preparing young readers for Primary School
  • Builds on the reading platform & expands English literacy

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    Is my child too young for the program?2018-04-22T13:32:20+00:00

    If your child is between the ages of 3 and 8 and reading below a 3rd grade reading level, he should be ready to for this program, either to get ahead in his learning or to improve his reading skills.

    What is the available timing and duration for the program?2018-06-17T07:13:24+00:00

    The class is 90 minutes long. We have class every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Do drop us a call for the most updated timing of our classes.

    Can my child who has learning difficulty or dyslexia join?2018-04-22T13:48:21+00:00

    Our teacher has over ten years of experience and are trained and had taught children with dyslexia. Do come down for the assessment with your child and speak directly to our teacher.

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