What is Playgroup?

Playgroup is a programme for young toddlers to meet new friends, learn and explore about the world around them and most importantly, have fun doing so.

Inspired by the renowned Reggio Emilia approach, which advocates child-centred experiential learning, our curriculum is driven by the children’s interests and includes plenty of exploration, investigation and reflection.

Children are given many opportunities to engage in open-ended play and to interact with natural materials, tools as well as their environment. Together with our new storybook-based curriculum, the programme provides a host of exciting avenues for children to learn and discover more about the world around them.

How does it benefits my child?


Children will enhance their language skills through stories, songs and dramatic play. They will develop letter recognition, learn initial letter sounds and begin to acquire phonemic awareness.


Children will explore mathematical concepts using a hands-on approach. They will acquire counting, matching and sorting skills, and learn about shapes, colours and patterns. They will also develop problem-solving and reasoning skills.


Children will experiment with various open-ended materials and tools. They will be encouraged to be imaginative and innovative, and will engage in art, music and messy play.


Children will have opportunities to play and build their fine and gross motor skills. They will improve their skills of coordination, control and manipulation.


Children will learn to manage their emotions and express their needs and feelings. They will learn to be compassionate, to respect others and to interact confidently with their peers.

Curriculum Outline

Through interaction with the kids and their parents, various refreshing elements have been added to our program. The new curriculum will be based on storybooks and will cover various themes and topics.

Each core storybook will form the foundation of our lessons for at least four to six weeks. The children will also be exposed to various other related storybooks during their lessons, allowing them to branch into an assortment of relevant topics that are driven by their interests.

Our lessons aim to provoke questions, thoughts and ideas within their inquisitive minds. If a topic is particularly fascinating to the children, we will explore it further. All our lessons are planned and conducted with our five fundamental learning areas in mind.

Our Playgroup programme also exposes children to the Chinese language through stories, songs and rhymes. This early exposure to Chinese will trigger their interest towards the second language and provide the foundation for their future development and mastery of the language and its essence. The lesson activities are fun, hands-on, and based on themes that our little ones will find engaging and relevant.

Programme Details

Class is conducted every morning, Mondays to Fridays, 9.15am to 11.45am.

Registration is now open for 2020 classes.

What Our Parents Say

“Teachers are professional and very good with children. Jayern looks forward to attending school and meeting his teachers and friends every week. He enjoys the activities in school and snack time! He has gained a lot of knowledge since he started 6 months ago. Thank you teachers!”

Xu Jinyi, mother of Jayern

“He loved it from the first day! And he is learning so much!”

Dorothy Jay Ann Cordes, mother of Petri

“My son loves his teacher and school. They make learning fun. Very friendly atmosphere and dedicated teacher.”

Uma Priya, mother of Rohan

“My son enjoys the playgroup and has grown so much in many ways. The teachers there are very loving and caring. I trust my son is in very good hands and am truly thankful.”

Patricia Chiang, mother of Jasper

“Teachers at this centre are very good with toddlers. I am surprised my 18-month-old son adapted very well and fast. I also realised that he can do things after two sessions that I never thought he would at this stage. Initially I enrolled to prep him for full-day childcare and surprisingly both my son and me gained a lot more.”

Jamie Chan-Saygi, mother of Ege


Which age group is Little Pace Playgroup Programme meant for?2018-04-26T07:59:22+00:00

The programme is meant for children aged 18 months till the year they turn 4 years old.

What is the Teacher to Student Ratio?2018-04-26T08:33:21+00:00

Our ratio is 1 teacher to 8 students. Beside the lead teacher, an assistant teacher will be present once the class size is more than 7.

What is the qualification of your teacher?2018-04-26T08:24:49+00:00

Our lead teacher, Ms Joan is trained in early childhood and has more than 5 years of experience in the industry.

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