“The PROVEN Chinese Phonetics Programme for Child Aged 4-7 Years Old”

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“The interactive teaching methods from the tutor has really developed his interest for chinese. He is now starting to pick up the chinese book i bought for him more often now.” – Carol Ng, parent of Qi Wei

    Our Teaching Methodology

    The Little Pace Chinese Accelerated Programme focuses on a two-pronged approach (Hanyu Pinyin and Character Recognition) to develop a child interest and appreciation for the Chinese language. The approach focuses on  “Hanyu Pinyin” , a special tool created for people to learn Mandarin pronunciation. The pronunciation of Mandarin is related to the using the romanized alphabet Hanyu pinyin. It is a way to transcribe Chinese characters so people can pronounce it. Concurrently, our students are exposed to character writing where basic order of strokes, radicals, and Chinese character structure are introduced to them. Starting with the most basic pencil grasp and writing posture, the good study habits are naturally inculcated into them.

    Taught by our highly experienced chinese specialist with over 10 years of experience, the entire learning flow is paced according to a child’s learning ability, to enable efficient knowledge absorption while retaining a strong interest and drive within the child to learn and develop.

    Chinese Phonetics (汉语拼音)

    汉语拼音 is the Romanization of a phonetic notation for Chinese Characters. Your child will be taught:

    • structure of syllable composing of three parts: initials, finals, and tones
    • differentiating syllable with a different tone, which may have a different meaning
    • blending initials, finals and tones together to make a word

    汉语拼音 is the most important and basic part of Chinese learning. It will build their foundation in pronunciation, in turn improving their reading and writing capabilities dramatically.

    Chinese Character Recognition and Writing(识字写字)

    Chinese Character Recognition and Writing(识字写字) focuses on the correct way of Chinese writing. Starting with the most basic pencil grasp and writing posture, the importance of the order of strokes are inculcated into our younger generation. The orders of strokes is important as it helps to write the character correctly, with better speed and in an easier way. The use of the correct stroke order enable character to appear with more harmonious proportions and therefore, more beautiful. Without the proper order, one tends to find it harder to write it and mostly it will come out with a different shape, i.e. incorrect shape or not aesthetically pleasing.

    Using SIMPLE, TESTED and PROVEN two-pronged approach to EMPOWER your child with STRONG foundation in Chinese Reading and Writing skills.

    The COMPLETE Reading Programme for your Child

    • Tailored Assessment to ensure We Start Right

    • Weekly Review to ensure Your Child Stay on Track

    • Qualified and Experienced Teacher with PROVEN Track Record

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