How do we set our children for As? By ensuring they get the resources and quality guidance with the right motivation in the optimal environment. Over here at Paced Learning Academy, we believe that every child can achieve with our Teaching Framework.


To ensure your child has the required resources, all our students have exclusive 24/7 access to our bonus online education database and Maths Helpline, an after-lesson direct communication channel with our tutor, thereby enhancing learning by reinforcing complicated concepts and extending the total contact time with our teachers.

Quality Guidance

We require our teachers to focus on engaging students and form personal connections with each of them, as it is such engagement that constitutes the solid bedrock of learning.  This is why we place huge emphasis on our selection of teachers. All our teachers have proven track records in their specialized fields.


Our teachers are committed to helping students regain self-confidence, motivating them as it is usually psychological inferiority that impedes learning. Thereafter, they help them find deeper meaning in learning and properly channel focus towards excellence.


The environment is what shapes our children’s growth. Here at PLA, we ensure diagnostic tests are conducted to match your child’s ability to his peers in class. This ensures our teachers are able to focus on strategies and drills to achieve effective learning for your child.

Subjects Available

P1 – P6

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Chinese
  • Science
  • SAT Mathematics

S1 – S2

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Chinese/Higher Chinese
  • Science
  • SAT Mathematics

S3 – S5

  • English
  • Additional Mathematics
  • Elementary Mathematics
  • Chinese/Higher Chinese
  • Chemistry (Pure)

  • Physics (Pure)

  • SAT Mathematics

J1 & J2

  • Mathematics (H1, H2)

  • Physics (H1, H2)

  • SAT MAthematics


Success don’t come overnight. Start preparing for your child education with us today.

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Phonics Assessment - The assessment seeks to check whether your child has learned to decode words using phonics to a required level.

Trial classes (only certain classes are available for trial)