This initiative by MOE is an important step to cultivate a habit of self-learning, a vital life skill.

From AY2019, MOE schools will cut down on examinations across different levels, in an effort to move away from an overemphasis on academic results. All exams and weighted assessments that count towards a final grade for P1/2 will be removed, and mid-year exams at P3/5 plus S1/S3 will be scrapped. For more information, you can refer to the following article ( )

Learning at the early stages, particularly at the lower primary levels, should focus on building students’ confidence and intrinsic motivation to learn, and avoid conditioning them to be extrinsically motivated from a young age.

Thus, instead of using marks and grades, schools will now use qualitative descriptors to report students’ learning progress in the Holistic Development Profile (HDP).

SCORE HAPPILY teaching methodology is epitome of MOE’s intention

SCORE HAPPILY teaching methodology is an adaption of different mental health and motivation curriculum, combined with our quality academic delivery. First of its kind in Singapore, Score Happily teaches children effective study habits, including stress management, planning of daily routines. It also helps them understand their personal learning style etc. It evokes a sense of independence among children to devise ways to excel in academic achievements without compromising mental health. Parents will also learn to identify sign of distress in their children as well.

This teaching methodology has been applied since January 2018, and some of the results include:

– 100% of students reported they enjoy learning subject more

– 100% of students reported they are more confident in attempting tough problems and understand that help is always available. (Our tutor makes it a point to reply his math questions via whatsapp, during off lesson days)

– 90% of students reported a higher grade before they come to PACED LEARNING ACADEMY. (the highest record is an increased of 28 marks for Math SA2)

If your child or someone you know needs academic support, contact our Math specialist @6281 0388 and arrange for a consultation now.