Phonics School Holiday Crash Course: Unlock Reading Potential!

Designed Exclusively for 4-8 Years Old Facing Reading Challenges!

(Available in both online and in-person classes)

Course Information:

Number of sessions: 16

Available Slots: Weekday Morning, Afternoon or Evening

Start Date: From 20 November 2023

Fees: Early bird rate of $36/session of 1.5hrs small group class (U.P. $40)

  • Targeted for Non-Readers & Slow Starters
  • Focused on Reading, Recognizing, & Spelling Words
  • Boosts Fluency, Comprehension, and Confidence in Reading
  • Perfect Headstart for the Upcoming School Year

Is Your Child Struggling With Reading?

How The Crash Courses Can Help.

The BEST PROOF Comes From PROUD & HAPPY Parents

Hafsah – Reading Progress @ 3 years 11 months old

Kay See – Reading Progress @ 3 Years and 7 Months

An impressive community of more than thousands of devoted parents have trusted our program to effectively instill reading skills in their children. Our specialized phonics lessons work wonders, rendering your child a remarkable reader and speller.

While you might be under the impression that our students are naturally bright individuals who learned to read at an early age, take a moment to watch the video shared by other parents. These videos showcase the INCREDIBLE READING PROGRESS their children have achieved through our Phonics Program.

Children engaging in our program will progress beyond merely Learning To Read, entering a stage where they Read To Learn, a step ahead of their peers who are still in the process of acquiring foundational reading skills. Our program also works for older school-aged children. Over the years, Paced Learning Reading Program has benefited many (6 – 9 years old) struggling readers. These are perfectly bright and intelligent kids, but they struggle because the correct methodology to read was not taught to them. With Paced Learning Reading Program, they have caught up with their peers in just 8 to 10 weeks! Our full Synthetic Phonics Program is highly recommended for struggling readers.

Ready to unlock your child’s reading potential and see them thrive? Contact Paced Learning Academy today and witness the transformative power of our proven methods firsthand. 

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