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Our Programs

Dive into the world of phonics with our vibrant range of programs, meticulously designed for diverse age groups and varying skill levels. At the heart of our approach is a commitment to fostering a profound understanding of phonics, the cornerstone of proficient reading and writing.

Little Explorers

Ages 3-4

Our Little Explorers program introduces young children to letter sounds and basic phonetic concepts through interactive games, songs, and hands-on activities. Children will develop their phonological awareness and pre-reading skills in a fun and nurturing environment.

Early Readers

Ages 5-6

Our Early Readers program focuses on building phonics skills through structured lessons and engaging activities. Children will learn to read and write simple words and sentences, developing fluency and comprehension skills along the way.

Confident Readers

Ages 7-8

Our Confident Readers program is designed for older children who are ready to tackle more advanced phonics concepts. Children will develop stronger decoding skills, expand their vocabulary, and enhance their reading comprehension abilities.

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An impressive community of more than thousands of devoted parents have trusted our program to effectively instill reading skills in their children. Our specialized phonics lessons work wonders, rendering your child a remarkable reader and speller.

While you might be under the impression that our students are naturally bright individuals who learned to read at an early age, take a moment to watch the video shared by other parents. These videos showcase the INCREDIBLE READING PROGRESS their children have achieved through our Phonics Program.

Featured Videos

Preview of Online Phonics 1-1 lesson

An interview with Lucas’s Mom, Hazel Foong, on her child’s progress.

Effectiveness of Paced Learning Reading Program

Watch how our student, Wei Ze, has improved as we showcase the before and after from just 16 sessions.

Our Approach

At Paced Learning Academy, we believe that learning should be fun and interactive. Our phonics programs are designed to be engaging and hands-on, with activities that encourage active participation and critical thinking. We use a variety of resources, including interactive games, stories, manipulatives, and technology, to keep children motivated and excited about learning.

Our experienced teachers are trained to create a positive and nurturing learning environment where children feel supported and encouraged to take risks. We believe in building a solid foundation of phonics skills through systematic instruction, practice, and reinforcement, while also promoting a love for reading and a lifelong passion for learning.

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