Here’s why you should choose Paced Learning Academy.

At Paced Learning Academy, we believe in preparing our students from Day One to the Day they enter university. This is made possible with our wide varieties of tuition and enrichment programmes, starting from Playgroup for 1.5 Years Old, Phonics for 3 Years Old onwards and Tuition as they progress from Primary to Junior College, providing a one stop solution to education.

Throughout their time with Paced Learning Academy, our students are provided with materials tailored to their individual needs and learning abilities, based on their proficiencies in the subjects. Starting with step-by-step analysis, addressing all misconceptions and learning gaps with comprehensive materials and imparting key knowledge and skills, they will be able to tackle the challenges in school and life with confidence. Using proven teaching methodologies and formula, we have helped many students achieve their desired results and, ultimately, start their new learning journey in University.

Start your child learning journey with us, as we pace them towards excellence one step at a time.

Core Programmes

Our core programmes provide the strong foundation your child required during the early years, setting him/her to excel in school and ready to take on the future.

  • Playgroup (18 Months – 3 Years Old)

  • Little Pace Phonics Programme (3 Years Old – 7 Years Old)

  • Little Pace Chinese Reading Programme (3 Years Old – 7 Years Old)

  • Math Specialisation Programme (Primary – Junior College)

  • Tuition (Primary – Junior College)


I was very weak at Math before I joined Mr Alex’s class. I scored a consistent U grade in my common tests and Mid-Years leading up to my promotional exams. However, after I joined Mr Alex’s Math Class, I have improved tremendously due to his patience in helping me to understand concepts and answering my questions. I am glad that I made the choice to join this class. – Felicia, J1, MJC, Math Specialisation Programme

After attending Alex’s H2 Math lessons, my grades improved significantly and I manage to attain an A grade for my promotional exam. Alex is a dedicated and encouraging teacher who is patient in addressing students’ doubts. I would definitely recommend Alex to those who wish to improve their math grades! – Vanessa Cheng, J1, TPJC, Math Specialisation Programme

“Teachers at this centre are very good with toddlers. I am surprised my 18-month-old son adapted very well and fast. I also realised that he can do things after two sessions that I never thought he would at this stage. Initially I enrolled to prep him for full-day childcare and surprisingly both my son and me gained a lot more.” Jamie Chan-Saygi, mother of Ege, on Playgroup

“Teachers are professional and very good with children. Jayern looks forward to attending school and meeting his teachers and friends every week. He enjoys the activities in school and snack time! He has gained a lot of knowledge since he started 6 months ago. Thank you teachers!” – Xu Jinyi, mother of Jayern, on Playgroup

“Thanks to Paced Learning Academy, my 5 years old daughter who have a slow start in reading finally catch up with her peers. I am heartened to say that she has since starts to pick up book and enjoy reading them.” – Jamie Chong, mother of Xue En, on Little Pace Phonics

“Good team of educators. My son benefited a lot from the phonics class! He is able to pronounce words more accurately now” – Jane Wah, mother of Wei Ze, on Little Pace Phonics

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