“I used to teach Sarah myself but she was always having difficulty remembering those letters. I am amazed by how Sarah was able to recognize various letters after the trial with Teacher May. It definitely put my heart at ease knowing she would not be lacking behind her peers and will learn the proper techniques in her pronunciation in the future.” – Li Ping, Mother of Sarah, on Little Pace Phonics

“Thanks to Paced Learning Academy, my 5 years old daughter who have a slow start in reading finally catch up with her peers. I am heartened to say that she has since starts to pick up book and enjoy reading them.” – Jamie Chong, mother of Xue En, on Little Pace Phonics

“Good team of educators. My son benefited a lot from the phonics class! He is able to pronounce words more accurately now” – Jane Wah, mother of Wei Ze, on Little Pace Phonics

Core Programmes

Our core programmes provide the strong foundation your child required during the early years, setting him/her to excel in school and ready to take on the future.

Here’s why you should choose Paced Learning Academy.

Paced Learning Academy is committed to providing the best possible learning experience for your child. Our program is designed to be engaging and interactive, with a focus on building foundational skills in reading, writing, and phonics.

Our curriculum is carefully crafted by experienced educators and is based on the latest research in child development and language acquisition. We use a variety of teaching methods to cater to different learning styles, and our small class sizes ensure that each child receives individual attention and support.

Our goal is to help your child develop a lifelong love of learning and literacy, and we believe that our programme is the perfect choice for parents who want to give their child the best possible start in life.

Start your child’s learning journey with us, as we pace them towards excellence one step at a time.

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Learn more about how your child can benefit from our programme by booking a consultation. Our experienced tutor will take the time to get to know your child and assess their current skills and needs. 


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