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We will teach your Child to read 300 WORDS in 4 SESSIONS

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“Good team of educators. My son benefited a lot from the Phonics Class! He is able to pronounce words more accurately now.” – Jane Wah, parent of Wei Ze

    What is Phonics?

    Phonics is a way of teaching children to read skillfully by teaching them how to:

    • recognise the sounds that each individual letter makes
    • identify the sounds that different combinations of letters make
    • blending those sounds together to make a word

    Using the skills above, they are able to ‘decode’ new words that they see or hear. It can be used by kids of any age and ability. Even adults learn it too!

    Why Learn Phonics?

    Multiple studies point to the same thing: Recognizing words is one of the MOST critical factors of early reading and later success. And that is what Phonics does! Phonics helps kids recognize words, making it one of the MOST IMPORTANT first step in learning reading.

    • IS your child having difficulty remembering letters?
    • IS your child currently having issues pronouncing his words clearly?
    • IS your child falling behind his peers in terms of speech development?

    If your answer to any of the questions is YES, Phonics can REALLY help.It has been proven that children who have been taught phonics tend to read more accurately compared to those who don’t. Phonics has helped numerous children around the world who find difficulty learning to read, including those who have dyslexia.

    Our Teaching Methodology

    Taught by our highly experienced phonics specialist, the Little Pace Phonics Program focuses on a 3-stage process of Recognition, Literacy and Proficiency.

    The entire learning flow is paced according to a child’s learning ability, to enable efficient knowledge absorption while retaining a strong interest and drive within the child to learn and develop.

    This methodology allows faster learners to maximize their learning potential, yet ensuring that average learners are also able to progress effectively as they gradually pick up the momentum, allowing them to be stretched, but not stressed.

    Using SIMPLE, TESTED and PROVEN methods to EMPOWER your child with STRONG foundation in Phonics and reading skills.


    Thanks to Paced Learning Academy, my 5 years old daughter who have a slow start in reading finally catched up with her peers. I am heartened to say that she has since started to pick up book and enjoy reading them.

    Jamie Chong, Mother of Xue En

    I used to teach Sarah myself but she was always having difficulty remembering those letters. I am amazed by how Sarah was able to recognize various letters after the trial with Teacher May. It definitely put my heart at ease knowing she would not be lacking behind her peers and will learn the proper techniques in her pronunciation in the future.

    Li Ping, Mother of Sarah

    Good team of Educators. My son benefited a lot from the Phonics Class! He is able to pronounce word more accurately now.

    Jane Wah, Mother of Wei Ze


    Phonics Class Journey

    The COMPLETE Reading Programme for your Child

    • Tailored Assessment to ensure We Start Right

    • Weekly Review to ensure Your Child Stay on Track

    • Qualified and Experienced Teacher with PROVEN Track Record

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    Will Paced Learning Academy (PLA) be open during the Circuit Breaker Period?2020-04-26T08:24:05+00:00

    Following the announcement made by the government,  our centres will be closed till 1 June 2020. All lessons will be conducted online and should you require any form of assistance, our team would be happy to assist via our Facebook Live Chat.

    What are the differences between online and physical lessons?2020-04-26T08:24:45+00:00

    The difference is your child will not be learning at our centre’s class room. Learning will take place in the virtual classroom environment. All our lesson are live session, not pre-recorded, where teacher and student are able to interact with one another.

    What is your average class size for online phonics classes?2020-04-26T08:25:07+00:00

    Our online phonics classes is a One to One session for customized and optimized learning for each child.

    What is the duration of the online class?2020-04-26T08:12:48+00:00

    The class will be for a period of 30 mins per class. (One to One session)

    Can the parent join the online class to assist his/her child?2020-04-26T08:25:53+00:00

    Yes, you may join the class to only assist your child on the usage of software. Let the engagement and learning to be guided by the teacher.

    How does my child assess the learning materials during the Circuit Breaker Period?2020-04-26T08:26:10+00:00

    There will be worksheet provided via the online class platform (Zoom). The teacher will go thru the worksheets with the child. At the end of the lesson the completed worksheet will be sent to the parents thru zoom.

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